the block

I’m sort of getting around it in  2015. details below and hope i can see some of you somewhere.

Denver, Colorado

January 17th, 2015


Reading, Signing, and  Q&A



San Francisco, California

February 12th 2015

Radar Reading Series

San Francisco Public Library, 111 Larkin Street, Latino Reading Room, Basement Level

With  Brent Armendinger, Ryka Aoki e la Cruz, and Samantha Chanse.



New York City: February 26th 2015

Housing Works Bookstore

Elisa Albert’s AFTER BIRTH book launch

Elisa Albert, Paula Bomer, Anya Uilnich, Rebecca Wolff, Meaghan O’connell



Brooklyn, NY: April 9th 2015

Pete’s Candy Store

with Elisa Albert 



Displaying IMG_3444.JPG

FANZINE reviewed WOMEN. 

Women, like Caldwell’s first book, Legs Get Led Astray, is positively feral and coyly voyeuristic, inviting questions as to whether the memoir is autobiographical or not. Along with unpretentious prose that’s stripped of adverbs and metaphors but jacked up with dark humor, it’s the “is this or isn’t this” question that makes Caldwell’s work so readable.

Anyone who has suffered through apologetic fictionalized memoirs where the narrator spends every other page reminding you that she is 1) ashamed 2) confused 3) conflicted about the things that she is sharing with the reader will race through this nimble novella like a child gunning for the stairs.”


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