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a week or 2 ago i spoke with Ashley Ford of Buzzfeed over the phone. she asked me questions about WOMEN the book, and WOMEN the people. read it here. it’s pretty juicy.

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i just got back from denver by way of  portland where i was staying with cheryl strayed’s kids while she attended the golden globes among other places. i went from having 0 kids to the below situation. i survived!

these don't all belong to cheryl!
these children don’t ALL belong to cheryl. that would be insane.

in denver, i read from WOMEN at The Book Bar, and spent time with my childhood BFF, lindsay. if i have unconditional love with/for anyone, it’s her. we were like sisters from when we were babies to age fourteen.


In Denver.
In Denver. We hadn’t seen one another in almost 10 years!

My 4-week personal essay/creative nonfiction class begins TOMORROW. so if you impulsively want to join the class, sign up tonight or in the early morning. 

I’ll be in San Francisco to do a reading on February 12th. I will be popping my SF cherry, as I’ve never been there before!

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Thursday, February 12, 2015
SF Main Library – 100 Larkin Street
Latino / Hispanic Rooms (Basement Level)
Hosted by Michelle Tea
Featuring fresh baked cookies during the artist Q&A

that’s all my news, i think!!! thanks for caring/pretending to care.


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