vaGenre fiction

happy february! i love february. because december and january are over.

1. pretty happy that i get to read at elisa albert’s book party for her new novel “after birth”. my mom and i read a galley of this book over the summer and both adored it. NYC, Thursday, Feb 26th. See you there. RSVP here.


2. I’ll be attending and reading at the Mission Creek Festival in Iowa City on April 3rd (my 29th birthday OMG). Tons of bands and films and comedians and writers are going to be there. Seems amazing! Never been to Iowa, and speaking of, I wonder what will happen in Iowa on tonight’s episode of GIRLS, because I’ll be watching that, not the superbowl.


3. I leave for California soonish to read in San Francisco. 

4. Today on The Rumpus, I’m in conversation with Zoe Zolbrod about genre drama, sexuality, grief, writing, and all that jazz. 

5. I drank too much last night, sang too much karaoke, and now feel horrible. Turns out “Wrong Way” by Sublime gets people realllllly excited at karaoke.


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