playboy, conor oberst, sry abt my sucky website

Should be working on some essays right now but feel unfocused so here’s some updates. I also want to acknowledge that my website is mostly a place for me to talk about the press my books get. I feel really self-conscious ACTUALLY writing on my website. I save it all for my books or essays. I’m sorry if this is disappointing. I know some authors, like Maggie Estep for example, would write actual stories or essays or anecdotes. For some reason, I cannot do that on this format. But if you have any ideas of how I could make my site more interesting, email me. Maybe I could talk more about what I’m reading and watching and listening to because I compulsively read and watch and listen to things. Right now, I’m listening to Conor Oberst on Marc Maron! It’s pretty fascinating. I haven’t thought much about Conor since I was 21 and obsessed with him. I’m reading How To Grow Up by Michelle Tea. The movie I want to re-watch is The Beginners, and the movie I am DYING for is Noah Baumbach’s new one, While We’re Young. Oh and my new favorite band is Lucius. 

Playboy put WOMEN on this list. No clue how that happened, but it did so now my dreams of being in Playboy have been met, and I can sleep at night.


I wouldn’t necessarily call my book an erotica book, lol, but, whatever, they put me next to my friend Henry Miller.

First love—it’s something we all can relate to and vividly remember. Mine was Lance Bass from NYSNC, but we all know how that turned out. But WOMEN by Chloe Caldwell amps up this experience with her brave autobiographical tale about unexpectedly falling head over heels for a woman. The story is powerful, hot and will have you thinking 2015 is the year of the lesbian. Plus, Blue is the Warmest Color showed America just how hot erotic lesbian novels can be on screen.

I sold the rights of WOMEN to AUDIBLE, so if you listen to books on tape, you can listen. I’m not sure who will be narrating it, but they said I have some say in all that. I’m gonna push for David Sedaris.

Medium put Legs Get Led Astray on this list:

6 Books That Will Make You Want To Be A Better Human

Every paragraph will make you want to grab life by the horns and then cut the tips off the horns and suck the marrow out of the horns. These are personal essays—some in second-person, like letter-essays. Each is so compact and raw and real it’s like a neutron star. Caldwell doesn’t seem like a ~writer~ as much as a real person who is living her life and telling you the truth.

There’s an article called Sad Girls, about Lana Del Ray and Tragic heroines. It’s a really interesting essay.

Powell’s Books is embracing the notion of sad women who can conquer the world, with their new section of books that celebrate the tragic heroine. In literature, we see countless instances of the tragic hero, especially in Shakespeare, but tragic heroines are not a household phrase. Lena Dunham, Sylvia Plath, Chloe Caldwell and Zelda Fitzgerald find themselves in the tragic heroines section. They are among those who have something deeply powerful to say to the world: We are sad because we are oppressed. Whether a book is about a tragic heroine character or written by a tragic heroine, women are pouring their sadness into their art in order to develop a groundbreaking message.


Here’s a photo from my reading in SF last week. As I stated at the reading, I was in awful shape: jet lagged and sick from drinking margaritas and wine the night before. When in (2)

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!


2 thoughts on “playboy, conor oberst, sry abt my sucky website

  1. Dude. I bought Women last week, flew through it, and now am almost done with Legs Get Led Astray. I feel like we are the same person living different lives. I keep bookmarking different parts of your essay and writing about them in my journal. Just wanted to say thanks and I dig your work. 🙂

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