mission creek festival

a girl named lindsay wallace wrote an essay called “how women in literature taught me to write fearlessly and purposefully” and it was really touching to me for a few reasons. one is because she lists me with these women, but another is because i could have written the essay. it sounded like me, naming my personal nonfiction heroes, cheryl strayed and anne lamott.

Growing up, I was obsessed with memoirs, creative nonfiction and personal essay collections.

I dove headfirst into books about self-exploration, breakups, human suffering, sexual exploration and addiction. I particularly loved female authors who were telling their stories through their feelings.

Authors like Joan Didion, Anne Lamott, Cheryl Strayed, Elizabeth Gilbert, Marya Hornbacher, Sylvia Plath and now lesser-known female writers, like Chloe Caldwell, Leslie Jamison and Roxane Gay.

I lovingly refer to them as my literary mothers because it’s through them I found my inspiration to write.


Going to Iowa City on April 2nd through April 5 for the mission creek festival.

Let me know if YOU are going to be there, and/or send your friends. I’m reading, so is Jenny Zhang, Lorrie Moore, Sarah Gerard, Porchista Khapour, Ben Fama…. tons of bands and comics.



One thought on “mission creek festival

  1. I absolutely loved Anne Lamott’s BIRD BY BIRD. Haven’t read Strayed yet, but WILD is in my tbr pile. My personal nonfiction heroes are Annie Dillard and Charles Bowden. Thanks for the tip on Lindsey Wallace’s essay. I’ll check it out.

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