life is grand

we went and conquered miami, i think. swam in the ocean, went to a strip club, got tattoos, watched CATFISHED, long walks on the beach, drank tons of coffee….etc.


WOMEN was shortlisted for best novella for the Saboteur Awards. If you have a second, please vote for it, because you could help me win 125 euro Josephine Baker champagne, which would spark joy (inside joke with people who have read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up) in my life. It’s open to vote until May 24.



I’ve an interview coming out with Maggie Nelson (MAGGIE NELSON!!! as the people call her) in Salon about her new book THE ARGONAUTS some time this week, maybe today? This book is really shaking the lit world up–it’s exciting to watch. My only disclaimer is that I had a week deadline to do this interview. I am berating myself for the interview not being amazing and perfect—I’m usually not on this side of the bar, and I now have much more compassion for everyone who has asked me interview questions in the past. It’s harder than it looks! Also–it’s hard for me to talk about writing in many ways. It’s too ephemeral. 

WOMEN was reviewed in WEIRD SISTER:

Chloe Caldwell’s Women Isn’t About Anything and It’s About Everything

Next month, June 23rd, I’ll be reading from WOMEN, funnily enough, at BOOK WOMAN in Austin, Texas with my one of my best buddies Erika Kleinman. Erika reached out to me in 2012 after seeing Cheryl Strayed reccommend Legs Get Led Astray on this Barnes and Noble list. We started emailing and I helped her edit some essays, like this one. Since then we’ve become really close friends and met for the first time this past December when she visited me in New York. She’s a really special friend and I can’t wait to read with her. Erika’s essay, The Perfect Pair, is one of my all-time favorites–I always teach it in my classes.

Also, every time I go to Austin I have a blast. The first time I went was with my brother and dad when I was 20. We listened to Bright Eyes a bunch, took a road trip to Blooming Grove, I bought clothes I vividly remember from Buffalo Exchange and various thrift stores, and my brother and I went to see The Fruit Bats.

The last time I was there was for book tour in 2012 with Mary Miller and Elizabeth Ellen. Dang, I look young! Isn’t it sad how you think you look fat/gross, then you look back and see you actually looked fine? Never mind, I’ll save this for therapy.


Two more days to sign up for my class: Polish and Publish Your Personal Essay. If you want to sign up but have questions about stuff, feel free to email me:

Life is good!!! I should get a Tshirt.


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