I spent last week holed up writing a new essay called The Music and The Boys. It’s about my teenage friendships, music, and my parents’ divorce. Then I came across this photo, that sums up exactly the jumping off point for the essay. God did we LOVE to sing and dance and go to concerts. Marcy Playground, Shakira, Jack Johnson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Spirt of the West, Kanye, Nora Jones, Britney Spears, you name it. I was happy to find this photo because sometimes I’m worried I’m making stuff up. This photo is from a high school graduation party with a karaoke machine.


How come French films have the best dancing scenes?

Heres two I’m obsessed with. The first one is from GIRLHOOD, which I saw with my Dad over the winter. The girls dance to “Diamonds” by Rhianna. This is exactly how it feels when you’re dancing that way as a teen (and in your twenties!) and it feels super epic.

And Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers” dance scene from Blue Is The Warmest Color.

In this new review of WOMEN, they actually compared the book to Blue Is The Warmest Color.

Just as original is the layout of the book. There are no chapters and frequently only one paragraph occupies an entire page. These fragmentary pieces of text are reminiscent of some of Shakespeare’s very short scenes, which are more flashes of action than fleshed out mini-stories.


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