no turning back now. and believe you me, publishing essay collections are not for the faint of heart. my book of essays will be released in November 2016. i will be thirty years old by then. when my 1st collection of essays came out on my 26th birthday, i got my 1st review in the portland mercury, in which the reviewer wanted to throw my book against the wall. but hey fuck Starbucks! i stand by that.

Chloe Caldwell’s debut is full of stories of being young and confused; young and fucked up; young and regretful. At this collection’s worst, Caldwell’s fascination with the ups and downs of her own life feels cramped and self-aggrandizing, and it’s easy to be irked by a tone that veers into too cool for school. In an otherwise solid essay about finding herself homeless in Brooklyn, Caldwell writes, “I uncharacteristically went to a Starbucks down the street.” Caldwell is trying to tell us she is the kind of person who doesn’t go to Starbucks; what she is actually telling us is that she is the kind of person who thinks of herself as someone who doesn’t go to Starbucks. My copy of the book almost hit the wall right there.

i am so lucky to have emily gould and ruth curry as my editors, i can tell they are going to kick my ass. i am so happy to be a Coffee House writer/author!!! Chris Fischbach rules.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.27.24 AM

off to my NYC memoir class and to say goodbye to one of my best friends who is leaving NYC, boo freaking hoo.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.39.01 AM


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