if i were a musician

Check it! I interviewed author of Black Out: Remembering What I Drank To Forget, and Salon’s personal essay editor, Sarah Hepola for Hobart. 

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There is exactly one place left in my One Day Nonfiction Bootcamp in NYC. Make it yours.

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There are like 5 spots left in my online Personal Essay class, starting August 27th.  

If I were a musician, here are the women I want would be:

Something about this Lady Lamb chick is interesting to me. Her lyrics jump all over the place so quickly, and she writes about this weird ephemeral feeling when you almost miss your train because you think you see an ex. Then you make your train and you’re fucking stoked. Been there. Anyway, Spotify had rec’d me the song so I was listening a bunch. When I finally looked up this live version, I was like dang, she’s only 25! A lot of her lyrics surprise me and keep me interested. She’s so charged and adorable.


My friend and I decided this song, “My Baby Don’t Understand Me” would be the song that rolled at the credits if my book WOMEN were a film. (I actually love Natalie Prass’s album in it’s entirety, but this is the best song on it.)

This song “Devon” is one of my fave songs of all-time. I LOVE GRIMES. Fun fact: Driving through the midwest on book tour last October with Mira Gonzalez, EE, and Chelsea, we were deciding what music to listen to. Grimes came up. The writer Mira Gonzalez was dating a guy named Devon, and he was coming on tour with us for part of it. I knew this, but forgot, and mentioned how much I listen to this song Devon by Grimes. Turned out, Grimes (Claire Boucher) was Mira’s boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend and wrote this song about him…anyway, i listened to her incessantly while writing Women. Can’t find a good live vid of that one though.

And this song never gets old for me. I would totally be Sharon Van Etten if i WERE a musician. Both she and Natalie Prass are exactly my age.

More where that came from but i have to go do stuff now.



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