I am really depleted. All of my jobs have piled on top of me at once. So unless you’re in my classes right now, treat me as though I don’t exist (unless you want to buy me a meal. Shout out to Andrew Bomback and Milcah Orbacedo).

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 9.52.51 AM

I might exist again in a week or two. I hope. I have to work on my own book to make sure it doesn’t suck when it publishes in a year. That would be embarrassing.

(As this diary in the NY Mag says, I’ve turned into the woman who only talks about how much work she has. Whatever. I don’t care. Can I pull the, if-I-were-a-man-would-it–matter card?)


Really into these little films on BROADLY. They’re 20 minutes and educational and fun. I really enjoyed the one called The Last Lesbian Bars and the interview with the author of King Kong Theory. 

Also David Foster Wallace on NPR from 1997.

Ok bye.


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