Brooklyn Baby

my good friend Steph just moved to LA after spending her whole life in NYC where she was raised. i miss her! we got to hang out once a week since July because she decided to take my memoir class. we spent hours before and after class in horrible 34th Street restaurants, talking, talking, talking…

Steph & I in Woodstock last November
Steph & I in Woodstock last November

If you want to read about literally anything you’re worried about, Steph has probably written about it: Birth control, going to the gynecologist, suicide attempts, musician fathers, being female, Uggs, rape, body image, the list goes on.

When I had to hand my new book, I’ll Tell You In Person, in to my agent last March, Steph copy edited it for me THE NIGHT BEFORE. Instead of telling what an asshole I was for asking her to do this THE NIGHT BEFORE, she said, “Great, this will get my mind off of my problems. Let me go to the bodega and get some cigarettes, then I’ll do it,”

And she did it!

Anyway. Go read some of her work.

Or watch this video she did with Chelsea Fagan about how to ‘make it’ freelancing:


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