Getting It Down: Nonfiction bootcamp w/ Chloe & Emily Gould

This workshop I’m doing w/ my friend (and editor) the writer Emily Gould is happening in less than a month! It’s gonna be so fun.  APPLY HERE. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 5.38.28 PM

Sometimes the hardest thing about writing is getting inspired. This day-long intensive writing bootcamp, led by writer Chloe Caldwell and writer/editor Emily Gould, will help nonfiction writers of all levels access their storiesand figure out how to tell themthrough engaging exercises, mini-lectures, and on-the-spot writing prompts. Caldwell and Gould, both known for their fierce honesty in writing about money, sex, motherhood, envy, and femininity, among other things, are not only friends and fellow writers, but collaborators (Emily Books, Gould’s imprint, is publishing Caldwell’s next essay collection). They will spend the final portion of this bootcamp talking about their publishing relationship and how writers build community and identify their best readers, with an eye towards helping students develop strategies for blazing their own path in the literary world. Wine and snacks will be served, guts will be spilled, and fun will be hadthat part, we promise.


1-2:30pm: Group A with Chloe Caldwell

1-2:30pm: Group B with Emily Gould

2:30-4pm: Group B with Chloe Caldwell

2:30-4pm: Group A with Emily Gould

4-5pm: Emily Gould and Chloe Caldwell talk shop, making a book, collaboration, and the editor/writer and writer/writer relationship. This discussion will only be open to students enrolled in the bootcamp—wine and refreshments will be served.


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