Nailing Your Narrative

Teaching so much was freaking me out for a while but I’m getting into the groove. I just finished up a long essay about my fraught relationship with teachers growing up and my identity crisis & inferiority complex over teaching but in spite of myself I’m really enjoying it. It informs my own writing and teach ME so much: how to speak in front of a room, boundaries, how to think critically, and thousands of more THINGS.

My next class–on personal essays—I am so so so excited about. I LOVE teaching at Catapult, I love the chandelier and comfortable desk chairs and the view. I love how close it is to Sweet Green and Bow Tie Cinema. This class is only open to 8 people maximum. It will focus on personal essays, and is perfect for those of you looking to cobble together a collection or start publishing your work. Let me know if you have any ???s about what it will cover. Click the photo to apply.

P.S. Catapult has many badass classes right now–fiction & non—including instructors MARY GAITSKILL, Rachel Syme, Ashley Ford, etc. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.46.54 PM









Dates: Feb 29 – April 4

Time: Mondays, 6:30-8:30pm

Fee: $495

Number Of Students: 6-8

1140 Broadway, Suite 704, NY NY 10001

Co-Sponsored By Electric Literature

Personal essays aren’t a piece of cake. In this 6 week class, you will study contemporary, timeless, and experimental essays and finish class with finished essays of your own. Each writer will workshop twice, and will meet with Chloe once throughout the course for an individual conference.

Students will experiment with different essay forms, learn how to engage readers, and find their audience. Chloe will provide prompts and readings, and help students find their unique voices. She will also give suggestions on publication venues for individual’s work.There will be an ongoing conversation about how to cope with family and friends while writing and publishing nonfiction. This class is perfect for any writer trying to put together an essay collection or learn more about the personal essay genre.






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