female friends of 2015

Last year in December 2014 I wrote about all of the female friends I’d made that year:

Female Friendships o 2014

My friendships are super important to me.

Staying with the theme of female friendship, this recent essay, I’m Having A Friend Affair, in NY Mag is amazing:

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 10.30.21 AM

Another excellent female friendship essay I read and loved this year (not saying it was published this year) is Chevrolet Caprice by (my very own editor) Ruth Curry, in The Paris Review. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 10.49.40 AM

Lastly, (since everything must be in threes) there’s this essay, “My Rayannes” by Emma Straub.

I was scared to look at the list from last year just now incase I’d had fall outs with people. But it doesn’t look like it. Looks in tact. Kristen Forbes got married and we did a re-pose:

Erin, CS, me, Kristen
Erin, CS, me, Kristen
same same
same same

Karina moved to Portland so now we have phone marathons.

Steph moved to LA but still gets up at like 5a.m. so we still have morning text fests, but I miss both Karina and Steph so much! One of the highlights of 2014 was going to Martha’s Vineyard for a writing residency together. (Apply here.)

Steph, Cynthia, Karina
Steph, Cynthia, Karina

One of the greatest things I started doing in 2015 is hosting workshops at my apartment in Hudson. I’ve got to get to know some talented and interesting writers that way including: Juliana Mann, Julie Park, Therese Mulgrew, Emily J Smith, Megan Sullivan, Patricia Villari, Courtney Preiss, Allison McCarthy, Jillian Eugenios, Jessica Kashiwabara, Sarah Kasbeer, and Michelle King. 

Therese & me at Cowgirl in NYC
Therese & me at Cowgirl in NYC
photo of writers writing in plaid
photo of writers writing in plaid

another friend really special to me is Logan Sachon. she lets me sleep in her extra bed in brooklyn whenever i want is all around amazing.

i’d be remiss not to mention dear Bobbi lindstrom-strayed. in my forthcoming essay collection i have a piece about our relationship, called Sisterless. These car selfies prove that Bobbie wears her seatbelt as she should, and I…don’t?

Driving to Big Sur
Driving to Big Sur
driving to wedding Sept 2015
driving to wedding Sept 2015

a friend I want to give a particular moment to is Anna Ty Bergman. In 2014 I went to a three day writing workshop in Big Sur, California and on the final night did a read from my essay collection. A woman in her fifties came up to me afterwards and asked to buy a copy of Legs Get Led Astray off me. “I think my daughter in New York would love this,” she said. “She’s a singer and an actress.” She bought the book and I signed it for her daughter, Anna. Over the next year, Anna took my Litreactor online essay class twice, and we met at a reading at Housing Works, then again at Pete’s Candy Store, then for wine at the Art Bar. I pressured Anna into taking my memoir class last term, just a ploy so I could see her every single week, and it worked! Anna is a jack-of-all-trades: singer, actress, photographer, personal essayist. I adore her very much and she’s proven to be a loyal and special friend.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 9.19.15 AM

The kicker is that last month I had Anna in my memoir class and her mother in my personal essay (online) class at the same time. I’m grateful to Anna’s mom for playing friend cupid and knowing we’d get along.

You’ll read about it in my next collection—I have a fraught relationship with singing and wrote an essay called Failing Singing as singing was an enormous part of my life until I was nineteen. This is yet another reason I found Anna so compelling, she lives an actual life as a singer which is something I thought I’d do when I was younger. Anna and her two singer friends do these mash-ups, here’s one of my favorites a “Hallelujah” and “Imagine” mash up.

Fran and I a few days ago at my xmas party
Fran and I a few days ago at my xmas party. We never stop talking.

What else happened this year? Chelsea Martin and I both found publishers for our books! Her novella MICKEY releases in June 2016, and Elizabeth Ellen has this new poetry collection out. Emily Gould had a baby, Eliza Plumlee is traveling the world,Erika Kleinamn is still writing kick ass essays, Elisa Albert’s novel killed it,and my friend Fran Badalamenti and I are still having monthly conversations. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 11.14.56 AM

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 11.15.42 AM

I’m supposed to see some covers for my book after the new year. ( :

And I’m on my way next month to visit Chelsea and EE.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 11.59.33 AM

Oh, and my favorite podcast I began listening to this year is CALL YOUR GIRLFRIEND: A Podcast For Long Distance Besties Everywhere.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 11.38.14 AM


Anyway, back to work—fittingly, I am working with a writer named Haley Sherif on her thesis/book of creative nonfiction called ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS.

Happy New Year!!!





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