Your Personal Essays

My sweet student Amanda McNeil sent me this hilarious mug as a gift.

personal essay midwife
personal essay midwife

I’ve worked with Amanda in my Litreactor essay class as well as one on one. My class, POLISH & PUBLISH YOUR PERSONAL ESSAY begins February 18th. Would love to have you there! The best part is, you can live anywhere to take it. Sign up while they’re still spots left. Click the photo below or the link above. (I’m also available to work with you one on one. Email me for my rates!)

There’s power in words.

A personal essay can entertain or teach, warn or admonish. It can hold the whole of your life experience, or just generate a good laugh. There’s more than one way to write an essay—­­which is what makes the discipline so fun and versatile.

But writing personally can be difficult and questions like these often come up:

  • What will my family and friends think?
  • Why would anyone care what I have to say?
  • Where will I publish something so personal?

In Polish & Publish Your Personal Essay, you’ll study both contemporary and timeless essays, and why personal essays are vital. Students will learn how to engage, move, and connect with their readers, by reading essays and experimenting with their own. Throughout class, students will be given prompts related to creative nonfiction publications and encouraged to submit. And there will be an ongoing conversation regarding the emotions that are often triggered when writing hyper­personally.

In the first half of the class, you’ll study the art of the personal essay—where to start and how to make it effective. In the second half, Chloe will help you nail down your voice, and find venues that would be best suited for your work.

Along the way, Chloe will be critiquing your work and answering your questions in a collaborative, judgment-free environment. Students will also critique each other, to help them develop their critical voice. All skill levels welcome!

Oh, and in case you were wondering how effective the class is, here a selection of essays written in the workshop under Chloe’s tutelage:

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 9.21.24 AM


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