I’ll Tell You in Person

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CoffeeHouse & Emily Books, Available: Oct. 2016

Exploring the boundaries between friends and family, hobbies and obsessions, and honesty and oversharing, Chloe Caldwell showcases an irresistible talent for navigating the infinite territory of in-between. Flailing in jobs; failing at love; getting addicted and unaddicted to people, food, and drugs—I’ll Tell You in Person is a candid and captivating account of attempts at adulthood and all the less-than-perfect ways we get there. Disarmingly frank essays on sexuality, celebrity, T.J. Maxx, acne, off-brand chocolate, almost-little-sisters, Craigslist, wanting to write, and the eternal what-should-I-do-with-my-life.

Forthcoming October 4th, 2016 from CoffeeHouse & Emily Books.  Pre-order here.

“Chloe Caldwell tells you all her secrets in a controlled mania so that we can devour them in a more compulsive fashion. I couldn’t stop reading this book, and when I was finished I kept looking around to see where my awesome new friend went. She’s right in here, brimming with most excellent girl-dom, a commitment to experience that feels religious. I love this person’s life and I love the way she writes about it – funny and blunt and chatty and truthful.”—Michelle Tea, author of Valencia and How To Grow Up

“Chloe Caldwell is one of our great stylists, one of our most candid and electric voices. Caldwell has the rarest gift: Her writing has charisma. I would follow it anywhere.” —Diana Spechler, author of Who by Fire, Skinny and the New York Times column Going Off



SF/LD, Oct. 2014

Women is a novella that explores an affair and the aftermath between two women nineteen years apart. The book is about the blurred line of female friendship, about being a daughter, a mother, a woman, and a friend. It’s an urgent recall of a heartbreak and a stark identity in crisis. 

Available from Hobart, Powell’s, & Amazon. Ebook available from Emily Books.

Women by Chloe Caldwell is a beautiful read/a perfect primer for an explosive lesbian affair/an essential truth.” —Lena Dunham

“Women is a skillfully and engrossingly written novella, a small slice of overwhelming love and heartbreak, and the search for belonging and self. Caldwell proves herself as a writer to watch in the coming years.” —The Masters Review

“You might think a small-press autobiographical novella called Women that features one transgender man and texts with one cisgender man would find its way into the hands of only so many people. In the case of Chloe Caldwell’s book, this has not been true. Perhaps because the story interacts with the reader, with The Narrator exposing her own fears, obsessions, and insecurities as we follow along.” —Buzzfeed Books


Legs Get Led Astray

Future Tense Books, Apr. 2012

Legs Get Led Astray is a provocative collection of essays that vividly rockets the reader through one young woman’s life. Chloe Caldwell beautifully and bluntly escorts you through her childhood dreams, her first loves, her most unguarded sexual exploits, bookstore crushes, babysitting jobs, heartbroken wanderlust, and the suicide of a lost lover. Caldwell’s writing remarkably explores the genre of personal nonfiction in new and unpredictable ways. Out of print. Reprint August 2017 from Short Flight/Long Drive Books)

“I’ve read Chloe Caldwell’s essays online, one on the tiny screen of my phone just because it was too good to stop reading. She’s young. She’s talented. She’s not even halfway to where she’s going yet, but she’s got it in her to go. Her prose has a reckless beauty that feels to me like magic.”-Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild, Torch, and Tiny Beautiful Things

“Legs Get Led Astray swells with a bruised innocence and self-indulgence reminiscent of two great story collections that preceded it, Susan Minot’s Lust and Mary Gaitskill’s Bad Behavior. Like theirs, Caldwell’s is a contemporary slice of sex and struggle.” —Bitch Magazine

“For the reader, going astray means getting happily lost in the prose of this daring, graceful debut.” —Publisher’s Weekly